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stinkende schoenen

Why do shoes smell?
Most people wear shoes the whole day. The 250.000 sweat glands in your feet produce about 250 ml of sweat each day. For people with sweaty feet, athlete's or people who do physical work this can be even more. Sweat itself is virtually odorless ; it is the rapid multiplication of bacteria in the presence of sweat and what they do (break sweat down into acids) that eventually causes the unpleasant smell. On top of that bacteria and fungi can also cause athlete's foot and nail fungus. 

Shoefresh werking

How does the Shoefresh tackle smelly shoes?
The Shoefresh refreshes shoes in two steps. As soon as you place your shoes on the holders, the program will start. During the first step the shoes are cleaned using Active Oxygen technology. Active Oxygen (ozone) tackles the bacteria and fungi that cause smelly shoes. During the second step the shoes are dried from the inside out. To make sure all the sweat / moisture is completely removed. Your shoes will be fresh and dry again within 25 minutes.

shoefresh ozon

What is Active Oxygen (ozone)
Active oxygen (ozone) is a strong disinfectant and is for example used to purify water. You can often smell ozone after a thunderstorm. The medial and food industries also use ozone for disinfection and other purposes. The amount of ozone that is generated in the Shoefresh is very small and well within the legal norm. Ozone reverts to oxygen within five minutes. After cleaning, nothing remains in either the shoes or the room. The Shoefresh doesn't require refills. 

Discover the convenience of the Shoefresh shoe freshener!


Tips for using your Shoefresh

 Put your shoes on the Shoefresh every time you’ve worn them.
 The smell of your shoes will gradually decrease. Try out the Shoefresh for at least one week.
 With old shoes it is best to replace the insoles with our specially developed Shoefresh insoles with bamboo.
 Use the Shoefresh shoe bag to refresh open shoes and shin pads.
 To refresh (biker)helmets you can use the Shoefresh helmet holders.
   You can also use the Shoefresh for boots, flip-flops, gloves, helmets, socks and shin pads.

 Choosing the right settings

 The default program is set to 5 minutes odour removal (STZ), followed by 20 minutes drying (DRY) at 60 ºC.
 Use 60 ºC when drying synthetic (sport)shoes or other objects.
 Use 40 ºC for helmets, leather shoes or other objects.
 If the smell of your shoes is persistent, you can change the odour removal time to 10 minutes max.
   Are your shoes not completely dry after 20 minutes? Increase the drying time by 5 or 10 minutes.

The ideal place for the Shoefresh

 Give the Shoefresh a permanent place in your house, close to the shoes. This invites you to put your shoes on the Shoefresh every time you take them off.
   Ozone has a strong distinctive and natural smell which can be experienced as unpleasant. Therefore we advice to place the Shoefresh in a well-ventilated room, such as a scullery or garage. But opening a window, vent or door will also do.

Changing the settings

 Change the settings when the Shoefresh is not in use.
 Press the settings button to toggle through the menu.
 Press the + and - buttons to change the settings.
 Wait a couple of seconds after changing the setting (until the display shows two bars) to save the settings.
   The settings you used last are automatically saved.

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