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Proud of 7 years of Premium Quality.
As a father in a sporting family, Anton van den Brand encountered a recurring problem: smelly shoes in the house. Especially when children reach puberty and suffer from sweaty feet. Father and daughter Renée are fanatical hockey players and know the unpleasant smell of wet sports shoes like no other. Drying on the heater or with newspapers was too slow and the shoes continued to smell. They tried odor removers, powders, sprays, pads and balls. But each time the family was disappointed in the effectiveness of these remedies. Moreover, they were inconvenient to use, so they disappeared into a drawer. There had to be a better solution possible.

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The Shoefresh is now for sale at more than 400 sales points. These are mainly sports shops, motorcycle shops and hardware stores. In addition, there are also more and more pedicures that sell the Shoefresh. So there is always a sales point near you!

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On this page you will find a selection of articles about or written by Shoefresh.

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