Keep your shoes,
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The shoe dryer that dries and refreshes.
Removes bad odours effectively.
Dries quickly and efficiently.

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Ideal for wet shoes

Soggy fields while playing sports cause shoes to become damp, this combined with sweat produces a feeding ground for fungi and bacteria. Place the wet shoes on the Shoefresh after sporting activities and they will be fresh and dry in no time again.

Quick and easy

The Shoefresh is easy to use. The only thing you have to do is placing the shoes onto the holders. The Shoefresh will automatically start the pre-set program and within half an hour your shoes will be fresh and dry. The Shoefresh also has a manual setting which is handy when the shoes are extra smelly or wet.

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A natural and clean way of disinfecting

The Shoefresh shoe drier converts oxygen into active oxygen, called ozone. Ozone circulates through the shoes and kills fungi and bacteria. This process takes 5 minutes, after which the ozone changes back into oxygen. After completion of the process nothing remains in either the shoes or the rooms.

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You can enjoy beautiful and healthy feet again

12% of the English population suffers from athlete's foot or fungal infection of the nail. The Shoefresh can help to prevent contamination from your shoes. It's way more efficient than powders or aerosol.

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Shoefresh received a positive review in the Telegraph (Dutch newspaper)

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