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Athlete's foot and nail ringworm
In Europe, more than 30 % of the population is estimated to suffer from Athlete's foot or nail ringworm. In particular, sportspeople, people who wear shoes that are too tight and people with less resilience (due to old age or illness) run an increased risk of Athlete's foot and nail ringworm. Furthermore, diabetics, people with psoriasis and wearers of orthopaedic shoes are also more likely to contract nail ringworm. Athlete's foot and nail ringworm are caused by fungi and bacteria. These are present in humid areas such as swimming pools, showers and saunas. But damp shoes are also a hotbed for these kinds of fungi and bacteria.

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Recommended by pedicurists.
More than 3,300+ pedicures in the Netherlands and Belgium are now using the Shoefresh. The Shoefresh has become an indispensable part of the treatment plan for clients with Athlete's foot and nail ringworm for preventing reinfection from their own shoes.

Athlete's foot and nail ringworm will not go away solely with the use of the Shoefresh. We advise you to have your feet treated by a pedicurist. Remedies are needed for this that will tackle the fungus and make the nails healthy again. These remedies are available from pedicurists, drugstores and pharmacies and are also easy to use at home. Just treating the feet or nails is not enough -there is a good chance that the infection will come back again and again. Someone with a fungal infection can spread millions of spores that remain contagious for a very long time.

Prevent (re)infection from your own shoes
That is why you should put your shoes on the Shoefresh every time you have worn them. Using Active Oxygen technology, the Shoefresh tackles fungi and bacteria and dries shoes from the inside out. Regularly cleaning and drying shoes can help prevent (re)infection from your shoes. This way of combating the problem is much easier and more effective than treating the shoes with an anti-fungal powder or spray.

Discover how easy it is to use the Shoefresh shoe freshener!



Athlete's foot and nail ringworm

More tips
In order to further reduce the risk of Athlete's foot (a type of eczema) and nail ringworm, we recommend the following:

  • Replace the insoles of old shoes with the specially developed Shoefresh bamboo insoles made from bamboo.
  • Use PH-neutral soap or rinse your feet just with water.
  • Dry your feet carefully, especially between the toes.
  • Put on clean socks daily (preferably made of wool or bamboo).
  • Wear slippers in public, damp areas such as swimming pools, showers, etc.

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