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Shoefresh bamboo insoles

Protection against unpleasant odours / sweaty feet.
Shoefresh Shoefresh bamboo insoles
Shoefresh Shoefresh bamboo insoles
Shoefresh Shoefresh bamboo insoles
Shoefresh Shoefresh bamboo insoles
Shoefresh Shoefresh bamboo insoles
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Product description

The Shoefresh bamboo insoles greatly reduce unpleasant odours and are silky soft, breathable and highly absorbent. Ideal if you tend to suffer from sweaty feet! Bamboo has antibacterial properties and absorbs up to 3 times more moisture than cotton. This greatly reduces unpleasant odours and leaves your feet feeling fresh all day long.
"Sturdy insoles, last a long time and the smell is way less. Very handy that you get a discount if you buy more than one."

RonaldvdH77 - product review.

Advantages of the Shoefresh bamboo insoles

✔ Antibacterial: greatly reduces unpleasant odours.
✔ Ultra absorbent.
✔ Wonderfully soft and comfortable.
✔ 4 layers: just 4 mm thick.
✔ Suitable for diabetics/sensitive skin.
✔ Environmentally friendly.

Antibacterial: greatly reduces unpleasant odours.

Bamboo fibres have unique antibacterial properties. This is how bacteria and fungi that cause odours are tackled. Bamboo also has a calming effect on the skin and is suitable for people with skin conditions such as eczema.

Ultra absorbent

Bamboo ventilates and absorbs extremely well due to the microscopic holes in the bamboo fibre. It absorbs moisture three times better than cotton. This keeps your feet fresh and dry a lot longer. Bamboo also quickly wicks away moisture.

Wonderfully soft and comfortable

Bamboo is very soft and comfortable. Bamboo fibres have no sharp edges that irritate the skin. This makes bamboo insoles feel silky soft. It should be comfortable to wear shoes, even if you prefer not to wear socks!

4 layers: just 4 mm thick.

The top layer of soft bamboo fabric acts as an excellent odour-absorber. The latex foam and carbon layers provide cushioning and extra comfort. The non-slip layer ensures that the insoles do not slip. The insoles are just 4 mm thick and adapt directly to the shape of your feet.

Environmentally friendly

Bamboo textiles are a sustainable alternative to conventional cotton. The unique properties of bamboo even have a positive influence on nature. Bamboo has a high productivity factor, makes soil more fertile, prevents erosion and does not require a lot of artificial irrigation.

Shoe sizes 35-46

The Shoefresh insoles are suitable for shoe sizes 35-46. You can easily cut the insoles to size yourself. Cutting the insoles to the right size is important for physical comfort. See below for the instructions. The Shoefresh bamboo insoles are suitable for all types of shoes.

To cut to size

  1. Remove the old insoles from your shoes.
  2. Place the old insoles on top of the new Shoefresh insoles. Make sure that the inner side of the insoles are aligned.
  3. Use a pen to draw a line around the upper insole.
  4. Cut the insoles along the lines. Be careful not to cut the insoles too short.
  5. Place the new Shoefresh insoles in your shoes.

Buy the insoles at a discount price for half a year.

We recommend replacing the Shoefresh bamboo insoles every 3 months. You can buy the insoles at a discount price for half a year.


This product is a deemed consumable goods and is therefore excluded from warranty.

Frequently asked questions

How long do the Shoefresh bamboo insoles last?
On average the insoles last about 3 months. We recommend replacing the Shoefresh bamboo insoles every 3 months. You can buy the insoles at a reduced price for half a year or for a whole year..

Size per item (HxLxW)0.4 x 30.0 x 9.5 cm
Weight per item46 gram
Quantity2 items
MaterialsBamboo fibers, latex foam, carbon with potassium alum, anti-slip
Average rating
4.55 stars based on 17 reviews
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They are easy to cut and fit well.
It's a bit on the expensive side, but I was looking for thin insoles to put under my own orthotics and these bamboo insoles were perfect for the job. Too thick soles would not have fit.
Yuan Ay
meets expectations
The shoefresh is good in my shoe.
Just good stuff. Have been suffering from sweaty feet for years and these shoefresh insoles just work. I have tried so many products and none of them worked until I came up with this. *This review has been translated automatically.
Comfortable and no more smelly feet. After years of walking with sweaty feet and really tried everything I was tipped to take a look at Shoefresh. I was skeptical at first. What should improve a shoe sole if I have already tried everything. From ointments to paws while watching a movie with salt in the water or tea tree drops. Sebum powder, you name it. It didn't work. Now I recently got my shoe soles sent home and I thought, well here we go. We'll see how it goes. I'll tell you, I haven't had smelly sweaty feet to date. The feet still feel a bit damp, but it no longer stinks. I love it. Finally no more unpleasant odors under my desk in the office and in the bedroom. Really recommended! *This review has been translated automatically.
No damp feet when I take off my shoes after walking. Also no unpleasant odors. *This review has been translated automatically.
Very much affected by strong smelling shoes after a long day of work. Now with the shoefresh and the bamboo insoles, nothing is bothering you !! *This review has been translated automatically.
Ik heb jaren geleden bamboezooltjes gekocht. Niet zozeer voor de zweetlucht, maar tegen slippende schoenen. Toen ik ze eens in mijn pantoffels had gedaan, merkte ik dat ik nooit meer koude voeten had.
Kijk...dát vind ik dus belangrijker dan geen luchtje. Mijn oude huisarts zei altijd: Houdt het hoofd koel en de voeten warm. Prima advies.
Makkelijk op maat te maken. Fijn product en het zit lekker.
Materiaal is prettig en handig knipbaar op maat
Het helpt
Ik heb ze gister binnen gekregen ideaal
Goede levering en kwaliteit van product
Voelt heerlijk fris aan.
Werkt goed, geen last meer van zweetvoetenlucht
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