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Have fun with your Shoefresh opod!

That's how you use it

In the video above, Zamarra Kok explains how to use the Shoefresh opod.

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  • Select “ SPORT ” for very wet shoes.
  • Are your shoes not that wet? Then select “ SNEAKER ”.
  • Always use “ LEATHER ” program for leather.
Duration60 minutes30 minutes30 minutes

Which shoes (and other objects) can be used?

The Shoefresh opod is for everyone and refreshes:

✔ Sports shoes.
✔ Trainers.
✔ Leather shoes.
✔ Work shoes.
✔ Boots.
✔ (Boxing) gloves
✔ Shin Guards

Suitable for size 26 to 48

We have designed the shoe holders to fit almost all shoes. Small and big. So you can use it with your whole family!

Active oxygen (ozone)

Is active oxygen (ozone) safe?
The Shoefresh opod is CE approved and found to be 100% safe. The amount of ozone released when using the Shoefresh opod is very small and well below the legal maximum. In addition, the ozone decays back into oxygen within a few minutes. After cleaning, nothing remains in the shoe and in the room. The cleaning process is completely environmentally friendly: no chemicals are added.

Can the active oxygen (ozone) run out? Do you need refills?
The Shoefresh opod generates the active oxygen itself by means of an ozone generator. This one does not require refills.

Tip: place the Shoefresh opod in a well-ventilated area, such as the pantry, garage or hallway. This way you will not be bothered by the smell of your shoes and the cleaning.

Where do I put it?

Give your Shoefresh opod a permanent place in your home, close to the shoes. This always invites you to put your shoes on it. Place the Shoefresh opod in a well-ventilated area, such as the pantry, garage or hall. And open a door or window. This way you will not be bothered by the smell of your shoes and the cleaning.

Start the program manually

The Shoefresh pod starts automatically when you place a pair of shoes over the shoe holders. However, you can also start the program manually by selecting a program and then pressing the GO! button.
This can come in handy with open shoes, flip flops or sandals. Because these are not always seen by the infrared sensors

Stop the program manually

Once the program has ended, the program will stop automatically. You can also stop the program earlier by removing the shoes. Or through the GO! button pressed for 3 seconds. The standby mode is then immediately switched on.

Back to factory settings

Does the Shoefresh opod get stuck or does it not work properly? Always try to reset it to factory settings first. You do this through the GO! button pressed for 10 seconds. If you see two dashes flashing on the screen, the factory settings have been loaded.

Tips for safe use


  • Always handle electrical appliances with care. Use your common sense.
  • Use the Shoefresh opod in a well-ventilated place and not in a room where people work continuously. The Shoefresh opod uses ozone to effectively remove odors. Too much ozone is not good for air quality and can cause headaches or breathing problems.
  • Place the device on a solid surface and make sure that your Shoefresh pod is always upright when using it. In addition, make sure that the air supply - the grille at the back - is free.
  • Do not use the Shoefresh pod if the cord or plug is damaged. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or an authorized service agent as this may be hazardous.
  • The Shoefresh opod is designed for use in humid areas such as bathrooms. The items you place on the device also contain moisture. Water from your shoes can drain through drainage holes at the bottom. However, if a lot of water is spilled (for example, water that flows from a rain boot), we recommend that you switch off the Shoefresh opod and unplug it until the water has drained from the device through the drainage holes on the back. bottom. Leave the device in a dry room for 24 hours. Too much water can damage the Shoefresh opod. Never allow the Shoefresh opod to stand in water.
  • Never immerse the Shoefresh opod in water.
  • The Shoefresh opod is not a toy. Do not let children play with the appliance. Only allow children to use the Shoefresh opod under adult supervision.
  • Make sure there is nothing between the two shoe holders when the plug is in the socket.
  • Do not disassemble the device and do not attempt to repair or modify it yourself. This may result in injury, fire or other malfunctions. Only allow an authorized repairer to carry out repair and maintenance work on the dryer.
  • Removing parts or attempting to carry out maintenance yourself will void the warranty.
  • Keep the dryer away from fire, flammable gas and corrosive substances.

Is warm air bad for my shoes?

A high contact temperature is very bad for shoes, so you should never put your shoes on the heater (or against the heater). Drying shoes gradually with warm air, on the other hand, is 100% safe. For example, you can tolerate the warm air of 80 ° C in a sauna. But if you hold a heating tube of 80 ° C, you will burn immediately.

Note: always choose the "LEATHER" program with a drying temperature of 40°C for leather shoes. Leather shoes are a lot more vulnerable.

Does the smell go out of all shoes? And how fast?

Regularly cleaning and drying your shoes will gradually reduce the smell. This is the case with all types of shoes. Even with old shoes. However, this takes some time. The smell does not go away in a few times.

Put your shoes on the Shoefresh pod every time you have worn them. And give it at least a month. You can try the Shoefresh opod without obligation for 90 days. Not satisfied = money back.

Shoefresh opod features


  • Active oxygen removes fungi and bacteria that can cause odors.
  • Optimal cleaning due to the horizontal position of the shoes.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning. You don't need refills.
  • Hygienic: the shoe holders are treated with an antibacterial coating.


To dry:

  • Your shoes are gradually dried from the inside with warm air.
  • Thanks to the powerful fan, sweat and moisture disappear in no time.
  • Even the heels of your shoes are dried.



  • 3 handy programs (sport, sneaker & leather)
  • Starts & stops automatically by infrared sensors.



  • The Shoefresh opod is protected against overheating and the temperature in the shoes is measured continuously. This makes it impossible for shoes to become too hot or to be damaged. In addition, the Shoefresh opod is made of a non-flammable thermoplastic plastic.
  • The Shoefresh pod meets the strictest European standards and is CE approved.


Dutch Design:

  • The Shoefresh pod was developed in the Netherlands and we are a Dutch company.
  • Stylish, modern design: a showpiece for any utility room, garage or hall :).

Healthy shoes, healthy feet

The warm, moist environment in your shoes is the ideal breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. On average, shoes contain more than 400,000 bacteria and fungi! This leads to smelly shoes and can also cause athlete's foot and nail fungus. It is therefore important to regularly clean and dry your shoes - just like your clothes, socks and underwear. If you keep your shoes healthy, you also keep your feet healthy.

Recommended by 3,500+ pedicures
Almost 1 in 3 people suffer from fungal nails or athlete's foot (athlete's foot). Athlete's foot and fungal nails do not go away by using the Shoefresh opod. Means are needed that counteract the fungus and make the nails and feet healthy. All kinds of other products are also available at the pedicure, drugstore and pharmacy. Many of these remedies are easy to use at home.

Treating only the feet or nails is not enough: there is a good chance that the infection will come back again and again. Someone with a fungal infection can spread millions of spores, which remain contagious for a long time. Prevent (re)contamination by fungi and bacteria from your own shoes. Put your shoes on the Shoefresh pod every time you have worn them!

Maintenance & warranty


  • You can clean the Shoefresh opod with a moist, soft cloth and a drop of cleaning agent. Do not use abrasive cleaners or hard brushes. Use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt from the air grille.
  • Never immerse the Shoefresh opod in water.


You have a two-year warranty . Is something not working quite right? Then we will provide a solution within two weeks! If you have any questions, please contact the Shoefresh customer service .

Damage to the outside, damage from misuse, damage from accidental damage, damage from repair or modifications made by unauthorized repairers, or equipment used for business purposes are not covered by the warranty.



Dimensions (L x W x H)31.5 x 21.2 x 20.3 cm
Weight1.4 kg
Length cord1.5 meters
CE approvedYes
Voltage220V-240V 50/60Hz
Electricity costs per year5,- for 30 minutes of use per day

How can I reach the Shoefresh customer service?