Difference Shoefresh & Mini Shoefresh

Early 2018 we introduced the Mini Shoefresh shoe freshener. This is the small travel edition of the Shoefresh shoe freshener. Both devices do virtually the same: they both dry shoes with hot air and clean shoes using Active Oxygen technologie. The biggest difference is the time it takes to do so. The Shoefresh freshens (cleans and dries) your shoes within 30 minutes. With the Mini Shoefresh this takes about 120 minutes. This makes the Shoefresh more suitable for families, because multiply people can use it shortly after each other. The Mini Shoefresh is ideal to travel with and for individual use. Below you can check out the full comparison. 

 Shoefresh shoe freshenerMini Shoefresh shoe freshener
Shoes hygienic, fresh and dryWithin 30 minutesWithin 120 minutes
Suitable for familiesjanee
Easy to travel with neeja
Shoes, boots, gloves and helmets. jaja
Shin pads and open shoes.janee