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The solution to wet and smelly shoes

Your clothes, underwear and socks are all regularly washed. But why don't we wash our shoes?!
Most people wear shoes the whole day. Your feet produce about 250 ml of sweat each day. The warm, moist inside of your shoes is ideal for fungi and bacteria. Not only do they cause smelly shoes, they can also cause athlete's foot and nail fungus. 
With the Shoefresh it is now possible to clean and dry your shoes!

Try the Shoefresh yourself. 
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  Removes bad, musty odors from smelly shoes using Active Oxygen technology.
   Dries wet shoes from the inside out using warm air.
    Easy to use: place your shoes over the holders and the program starts automatically.
  Suitable for all shoes and boots, but also shin pads, gloves and helmets.

Refresh in two steps

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The Shoefresh is the shoe freshener that cleans and dries. All you have to do is place your shoes over the holders. The program will start and stop automatically and within half an hour your shoes are fresh and dry.
Step 1: cleaning
The shoes are cleaned using Active Oxygen technology. Active Oxygen (ozone) tackles the bacteria and fungi that cause smelly shoes.
Step 2: drying
During the second step the shoes are dried. This happens from the inside out, which is much better for the shoes than drying them on, for example, the radiator.

Shoefresh shoe refresher

  • Active Oxygen technology
    Using ozone, nasty odors are effectively removed.
  • Hot air
    Hot air ensures that shoes are completely dry within half an hour.
  • Powerful fan
    Blows ozone and hot air through the entire shoe, from the inside.
  • Multi-functional holders
    Suitable for shoes, boots, shin pads, helmets and gloves.
  • Infrared sensors
    Place your shoes on the holders and the program starts automatically.
  • Easy menu
    Use the standard program or adjust the Shoefresh to your own preferred settings.
Shoefresh: the shoe freshener which cleans and dries your shoes
schoenendroger stinkende schoenen


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