Shoefresh shoe spray

Against annoying odors / bacteria.
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Product description

Your feet are kept warm inside your shoes and produce about 250 ml. of sweat each day. Fresh sweat is virtually odorless. But the hot, moist environment inside your shoes is an ideal breading ground for fungi and bacteria. They multiply really quick and break down the sweat into acids that have an unpleasant smell. The result: smelly shoes! 

The Shoefresh shoe spray tackles the bacteria and fungi that cause smelly shoes. 

  Offers a long lasting refreshment
    Protects against foot fungus and athlete's foot
  Stops bacteria and fungi from multiplying
  Suitable for all types of shoes
  Doesn't contain alcohol or irritants
  Works up to 7 days


Spray each shoe 3 to 6 times. Wait until the shoes are completely dry before wearing them. Repeat this process 24 hours after the frist treatment for optimal results. After that spray your shoes at least 1 time each week.


Content 75 ml.
Ingredients Demineralized water, sodium hypochlorite*, <0.1%. * Electrochemically activated mineral salt.
Disclaimer First test on an unobtrusive spot if the material tolerates this product. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

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