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The only device which quickly cleans and dries smelly shoes.
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Product description

Everyone who frequently participates in sports or suffers from sweaty feet recognizes the odour of smelly shoes. And what do we often do: put newspapers in the shoes and put them under the heating. This doesn't just take a lot of time, it is also very bad for your shoes! There is an easier and faster solution: the Shoefresh shoe freshener cleans and dries your shoes within half an hour. So you have no more stench in the house and you step into your shoes with a fresh and dry feeling every day.

Pros and cons

plus icon No more smelly shoes at home. Get in your shoes with a fresh feeling.
plus icon Your shoes are dry within half an hour. No hassle with newspapers.
plus icon Easy to use: put your shoes on the Shoefresh and the program starts automatically.
plus icon Refreshes and dries all types of shoes, but also shin guards, gloves and helmets.
min icon       The smell of ozone can be experienced as unpleasant.


 Place your shoes on the Shoefresh after each wear.
 The odor of your shoes will gradually decrease. Give this process a minimum of one week.
 Use the Shoefresh shoe bag to refresh open shoes and shin pads.
 With old shoes, it is best to replace the insoles with our specially developed Shoefresh insoles with bamboo.
 If you suffer from foot fungus / athlete's foot: spray your shoes with the Shoefresh shoe spray and then put them on the Shoefresh shoe freshener. Also ideal for sports shoes with socks. The ankle socks are not optimally cleaning by the Shoefresh.
   To refresh (biker)helmets you can use the Shoefresh helmet holders.

More about the operation, settings and placement of the Shoefresh.


Weight1,7 KG 
Size28.3 cm x 18 cm x 33 cm (w x d x h)
Warranty1 year
CE approvedYes
Voltage 230V/50Hz/1PH


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Shoefresh Shoefresh shoe freshener - Copy
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