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Shoefresh protect spray

Make your shoes water- and dirt-repellent.
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Product description

Shoefresh Protect - water-repellent shoe spray protects shoes against water and dirt. The special nano technology creates an invisible protective layer. It keeps moisture, dirt and stains away, while the material keeps its breathability. This keeps your shoes looking beautiful and stain-free for much longer.

"Two bonus points: it does what it is expected to do and is easy to use."

Herrbolt - product review

Shoefresh Protect - nano spray

✔ Protects your shoes from water and dirt
✔ Your shoes stay beautiful and stain-free much longer
✔The treatment protects your shoes for 30 days
✔ The material retains its breathability
✔ Protects suede, leather*, nubuck and canvas

*Except varnished and synthetic leather.

How to use

Remove all dirt on the shoes and make sure that they are completely dry. Keep the spray can upright, spray at +/- 20 cm distance and make sure you do not miss a single spot. Then let the shoes dry for 10 minutes. During the first treatment you should spray the shoes again after 10 minutes for optimal results. Repeat every 3-4 weeks after that.

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With the Shoefresh Proyecy - nano spray you protect 1 pair of shoes for 1 year against water and dirt. Buy the Shoefresh Protect at a discount price to protect 2 pairs of shoes for a full year.


This product is a deemed consumable goods and is therefore excluded from warranty.

Frequently asked questions

How often should I treat my shoes?
For optimal protection of your shoes, we recommend treating them every 3-4 weeks.

Can I use the Shoefresh Protect anywhere?
Use this product only in well-ventilated areas. Or outdoors (out of the wind so that the spray covers your shoes properly).

Contents200 ml
DisclaimerHighly flammable. Use only in a well-ventilated area. Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep out of reach of children.
Average rating
4.6 stars based on 15 reviews
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Einfach zu bedienen und scheint gut zu funktionieren. Schuhe sind jetzt praktisch wasserdicht.
*This review has been translated automatically.
Also with this Shoefresh product an excellent result. My walking shoes and loafers are waterproof and clean again. Thank you Shoefresh.
*This review has been translated automatically.
Easy to spray and works properly
*This review has been translated automatically.
Great spray that competes well with other brands. I walked on the beach in the storm last Sunday and despite the rain and all the foam I got on my shoes, my shoes stayed dry and I could easily wipe the foam off later.
*This review has been translated automatically.
Shoes consistently injected once a week, become well water-repellent.
*This review has been translated automatically.
Het zorgt dat vuil minder goed blijft zitten ik heb mijn sport schoenen ermee behandeld maar vocht kwam er wel doorheen zijn stoffen schoenen.
*This review has been translated automatically.
Fairly good protection against dirt and moisture
*This review has been translated automatically.
Great article, although I had hoped by spraying the sneakers they were also protected against dirt for longer. However, protection against water.
Spray regularly.
*This review has been translated automatically.
Great spray for breathable shoes based on nano technology. I use it for my breathable hiking boots.
*This review has been translated automatically.
The spray is easy to apply and does what you can expect from it. The contents of the bus could be more as far as I am concerned.
*This review has been translated automatically.
Shoes completely cleaned and injected twice as instructed. After a rain shower the water beaded off in most places, but added a 3rd layer to make it completely waterproof.
Now the water is running off everywhere. The bus tells me to repeat this monthly. That seems pricey to me. However, no visible repetition is necessary after 2 weeks.
1 bus can spray 1 pair of high sneakers 4 times.
*This review has been translated automatically.
Treated my hiking boots twice. Despite that, my hiking boots are still not completely water-repellent, but it has improved a lot. Before this they were as leaky as a basket. Especially at the junction of the lip and the shoe, water still enters. I may not have handled it right here. After 2x good treatment, the aerosol is empty
*This review has been translated automatically.
Two plus points: meets expectations and easy to use.*This review has been translated automatically.
Heel goed alternatief voor de veel duurdere Crap spray.
Het werkt echt heel goed. Ik gebruik het voor al mijn sportschoenen.
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