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Shoefresh Mini shoe freshener

Clean and dry your shoes easily while travelling now too.
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Product description

No more smelly and wet shoes thanks to Shoefresh Mini: the shoe freshener that cleans and dries. The best-selling and best-rated portable shoe freshener in Europe.
"The Shoefresh Mini really does what its name says. It makes your shoes, sports shoes and slippers so wonderfully fresh and dry again. No more unpleasant smells from my shoes in the hallway or in the sports bag. The Shoefresh Mini is ultra compact and I always take it with me in my suitcase. Highly recommended, definitely worth the money"

J/ Brink3 - product review.

Advantages of the Shoefresh Mini shoe refresher

No more stinky shoes in the house. Gets rid of odours, bacteria and fungi.
Never put on wet shoes again. No more messing around with newspapers.
Easy to use: stops automatically thanks to built-in timer Ready in 4-8 hours.
Hygienically clean: recommended by pedicurists. Effective against foot fungus and onychomycosis.
Suitable for all sorts of shoes: (sports) shoes, boots, trainers, etc.

No more smelly shoes in the house

The Shoefresh Mini shoe dryer uses Active Oxygen™ to clean your shoes. The active oxygen tackles bacteria and fungi that can not only cause smells, but also foot fungus and Athlete's foot and nail ringworm.

No more messing around with newspapers...

Drying shoes with the help of newspapers or heating is a thing of the past. And that’s just as well too, because that's very bad for the lifespan of your shoes. The Shoefresh Mini gradually removes sweat and moisture from the inside with warm air (40°C). This temperature is suitable for all materials, from sports shoes and trainers to leather and suede shoes.

Easy to use: stops automatically

Using the Shoefresh Mini is simple: you stick the shoe dryers inside your shoes and turn on the switch. Put the Shoefresh Mini in your shoes in the evening and they will be fresh and dry again by the next morning. After 8 hours, the programme switches off automatically thanks to the built-in timer. Are your shoes not that wet? If so, you can of course manually switch the Shoefresh Mini off sooner.

Ideal for travelling

Your shoes will quickly be fresh, dry and hygienically clean with the Shoefresh Mini shoe dryer. This is nice for in the home, but also when you are travelling. You can take the Shoefresh Mini with you wherever you go thanks to its compact size and handy travel pouch.

Suitable for all types of shoes.

The Shoefresh Mini dries and cleans all materials. This makes the shoe dryers suitable for sports shoes, trainers, leather shoes, work shoes, boots, slippers and (boxing) gloves, amongst other things.

Keep your shoes hygienically clean

The warm, humid environment in your shoes is the ideal breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. On average, shoes contain more than 400,000 bacteria and fungi! This causes shoes to stink and can also cause Athlete's foot and nail ringworm. It is therefore important to- just as your clothes, socks and underwear- to regularly clean and dry your shoes.

Prevent reinfection from Athlete's foot and nail ringworm.

Almost 1 in 3 people suffer from nail ringworm and Athletes foot. If you do not treat the bacteria and fungi that cause this, there is a chance that the infection will return again and again. Shoefresh is recommended by 3,300+ pedicurists as part of an effective treatment for Athletes foot and nail ringworm. Prevent reinfection from fungi and bacteria from your own shoes with the Shoefresh Mini shoe freshener.


Guaranteed 100%. Has something gone wrong in the first year? Then we will arrange a solution within two weeks (a new Shoefresh Mini or a repair). You can contact the Shoefresh customer service if you have any questions.

Frequently asked questions

Table of Contents:

Is active oxygen (ozone) safe and environmentally friendly?
The Shoefresh Mini is CE approved and 100% safe. The amount of ozone released when using the Shoefresh is negligible and is well below the legal maximum limits. In addition, the ozone turns back into oxygen within a few minutes. Therefore, nothing is left behind in the shoe or in the air after the cleaning process. The cleaning process is completely ecologically friendly: no chemicals are added.

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Do you need refills? Can the active oxygen (ozone) run out?
The Shoefresh Mini produces the active oxygen itself with the aid of an ozone generator. This does not require any refills.

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Is warm air bad for shoes?
A high contact temperature is very bad for shoes, that is why you should never put your shoes on the radiator (or against the heater). On the other hand, drying shoes with warm air is 100% safe. As such, you are able to tolerate warm air up to 50°C on your skin. But if you grab a radiator pipe with a temperature of 50°C, you get burnt instantly. The Shoefresh Mini uses a low drying temperature of 40°C. This is safe for all materials.

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How often should I clean shoes?
We recommend that you freshen up your shoes with the Shoefresh Mini after each time you wear them.

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How soon will the smell disappear from shoes?
The smell in your shoes will gradually fade away. Allow at least two weeks for this process and use the Shoefresh Mini each time after wearing your shoes. We therefore invite you to try out the Shoefresh for 30 days without any obligation. Not satisfied? = Money back guarantee.

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Does the Shoefresh Mini also get rid of the smell from old shoes?
Yes, even the smell in old shoes is a lot less. The smell in your shoes will gradually fade away. Allow at least two weeks for this process and put them on the Shoefresh after each time you wear your shoes.

The insoles of old shoes often smell the worst. That is why we recommend replacing the old insoles with the specially developed Shoefresh bamboo insoles. Of course, it is best to clean and dry new shoes each time after wearing them.

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How should I use the Shoefresh Mini as part of a treatment against Athlete's foot and nail ringworm?
Athlete's foot and nail ringworm will not go away with the use of the Shoefresh Mini. Remedies are needed for this that fight the fungus and make the nails and feet healthy again. We sell Mycosan products in our webshop for an effective treatment of Athletes foot and nail ringworm. But there are also all kinds of other products available from the pedicurist, drugstore and pharmacy. Many of these remedies are easy to apply at home.

Just treating the feet or nails is not enough: there is a good chance that the infection will come back again and again. Someone with a fungal infection can spread millions of spores, which remain contagious for a very long time. Prevent (re)infectioned from fungi and bacteria in your own shoes with the Shoefresh shoe freshener. Put your shoes on the Shoefresh Mini after each time that you have worn them!

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How do you freshen up your ski boots?
For optimal results, we recommend that the inner and outer shoes are cleaned and dried separately. It is also nice to freshen up and dry your gloves after a day on the slopes. Or put them on before you go skiing. So you can start the day with nice warm feet and hands.

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From what size on does the Shoefresh Mini fit into ( children's) shoes?
The Shoefresh Mini fits into shoes from shoe size 35 upwards.

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How much electricity does the Shoefresh Mini use?
If you use the Shoefresh once a day (on the standard program of 8 hours) the electricity costs are about 7,- per year. The Shoefresh Mini switches itself off automatically once the program has finished.

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Can the Shoefresh Mini overheat or catch fire?
The Shoefresh is protected from overheating. This makes it impossible for shoes to become too warm or be damaged. In addition, the Shoefresh Mini is made of a non-flammable thermoplastic.

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Size (HxLxW)4 x 16 x 6.5 cm
Weight0.3 kg
User Manual languages:Dutch, English, German, French
Accessories includedtravel bag
Overheating protectionYes
Cord length1.5 metres
Power output10W
Electricity costs per year€7 with 8 hours use per day
Average rating
4.65 stars based on 67 reviews
Latest reviews
All reviews
Was not suitable for what I bought it for, misread
too short a period of time to make a proper assessment
Great product, incredibly fresh shoes after using the shoefresh.
No words for how happy I am with it!
I recommend them to everyone in my circle of family and friends. Fungal and bacterial problems are so easy to solve, fantastic!
Frans Mooijman
See text at shoefresh shoe freshener.
Addition. Easy to take with you on vacation. There will certainly be a place in my suitcase for it.
Haven't used it yet, but it will.
Was very surprised how well this product works. Tried it out on sneakers I've been wearing for over two years, after one night I didn't smell anything anymore! Very satisfied with this product!
ozone removes the smells, ideal if you clean your sneakers yourself. I've always been embarrassed by sweaty feet... They just stink. With the shoefresh it's a thing of the past, the ozone does it's job, just make the habit of leaving those things in your shoes when they're not on your feet and push the button every now and then. Functions a bit like a shoe tensioner too. I don't like the way those "shoeshields" run. Maybe an idea shoefresh? shoe tensioner and refresher in 1, I am your first customer!
Still haven't received them so no idea
Strange odors disappear and shoes / boots dry after a night, but don't forget to turn off yourself *This review has been translated automatically.
Dries the shoes quickly and smells disappear *This review has been translated automatically.
Finally found a solution for the 'stink shoes' of the footballing son. Had already tried everything to air those shoes and keep that smell out of the house, even putting shoes outside. Due to the handy size, the son can also take the miniShoefresh with him on camp, so no more embarrassing situations when taking off the shoes. *This review has been translated automatically.
I am very happy with it. Even took a weekend away to dry the wet shoes for the next day! Works fast. Unfortunately, the device does not turn off by itself. *This review has been translated automatically.
Super handy to take with you. My son is in the Navy. This way he has clean, fresh and dry shoes every day. *This review has been translated automatically.
I am very satisfied with the mini Shoefresh. Because the Shoefresh dries and molds the shoes, this is an excellent product for tackling mycosis nails. In the evening the shoes in the Mini Shoefresh and the next morning odor - mold and moisture free! *This review has been translated automatically.
I'm taking the schoefresh on vacation. If it rains, dry shoes again the next day. Handy to take with you. *This review has been translated automatically.
Top product now that you can get rid of those wet, smelly shoes in no time. Every time you put on your fresh shoes you think Wow, totally super.*This review has been translated automatically.
I think the mini shoefresh is the invention of the century. It is ideal for traveling and can even be carried in hand luggage. Now we also have fresh shoes every day during our holidays and therefore less chance of contracting mold during the holidays and taking them with us to the Netherlands. I recommend it to everyone.*This review has been translated automatically.
I advise my clients with mycosis nails, but also (parents of) athletes to purchase the Shoefresh mini. The mini Shoefresh is ideal for combating mycosis nails, because I advise my clients to use the mini shoefresh daily in combination with a good anti-mycosis agent and a regular visit to the pedicure. For athletes I recommend the use of the mini shoefresh, so that my clients can start in disinfected shoes every time they want to exercise. In addition, the mini Shoefresh can easily be taken with you, so that you always step into fresh footwear. *This review has been translated automatically.
The sister of the Shoefresh ... certainly handy for on the go. The big sister is in my practice and I sometimes give the small handy version to clients of my practice to try out. This is how it works, just like at the dentist ... we can take care of the major maintenance, but the people have to do the daily maintenance themselves. At the dentist this means brushing your teeth daily, in the pedicure practice this means rubbing and drying your shoes every day! *This review has been translated automatically.
Fulfills its descriptions. Both at home and in my practice as a medical and as a sports Pedicure. Clients are happy with this service I can offer and in the home situation we also use gloves in addition to shoes *This review has been translated automatically.
Bought the mini shoefresh on the advice of my pedicure. How happy we are as a family. Cycled in the rain with the mini shoefresh in your wet shoes and dry again. Smell of perspiration in your shoes put the shofresh in it and away odor. We have used a lot of sprays and granules and newspapers to dry the shoes but the mini shiefresh is really TOP !!!!. *This review has been translated automatically.
I had heard a lot about shoefresh! I have the large & the mini and super satisfied. I use the large one for my practice & the small one for private purposes. *This review has been translated automatically.
De Sport Pedicure
The Shoefresh really does what its name says. It makes your shoes, sneakers and slippers wonderfully fresh and dry again. No more unpleasant smells from my shoes in the hallway or in the sports bag. The mini shoefresh is super compact and I always take it with me in the suitcase. Highly recommended, well worth the money. *This review has been translated automatically.
Super! Handy to take with you and works fine. As a hiker I regularly participate in 2- or multi-day hiking events. Great when after a trip of 30 or 40 km your shoes are dry and fresh for the start the next day. *This review has been translated automatically.
Adrie Derks
I bought the 'travel' Shoefresh, because I didn't want a large device somewhere as standard. I had my doubts. But it works very well! Last week, a friend of my son fell in a ditch. His shoes were soaking wet. The shoes -after first put some paper in them to absorb the worst water- dried with the Shoefresh. The next morning dry and fresh-smelling shoes. Much to the happiness of the boy's mother. Smelly sports shoes are also neutralized. I'm happy with it! *This review has been translated automatically.
Great product, smooth delivery. Finally got rid of smelly sports shoes, even shoes that we have used for a long time and that we always had to keep outside are much fresher after a few weeks. Ideally, you don't have to worry about it: put on your shoes and the program starts and stops automatically. If only I had known that before! *This review has been translated automatically.
Suprised. I suffer from sweaty feet and after 1 year I have to throw away my work shoes because they start to smell. Since tried schoefress, I am even surprised that my shoes that I have been working for almost 1 year are fresh again. I am very happy with it *This review has been translated automatically.
Super manageable and a great result!
How wonderful to have all the wet and / or sweaty shoes of my sports teenagers fresh and fruity again in an instant! :) *This review has been translated automatically.
Sports shoes sweat air free. We are very satisfied with the shoefresh. The shoes are sweat free. Even after a rain shower, the shoes dry without a bad smell. *This review has been translated automatically.
We should have bought this product much earlier. The product works very well and is very useful for drying wet (sports) shoes and reducing sweat odors. *This review has been translated automatically.
Nice and fresh. Simple and effective *This review has been translated automatically.
Everything is as expected and described. Excellent product, meets expectations. Delivery went smoothly. *This review has been translated automatically.
Perfect product works great and I am very impressed. *This review has been translated automatically.
I bought the Shoefresh Mini, personally I don't think it works very well. Drying, but cleaning? I have my doubts. I still use shoe stuff after it! *This review has been translated automatically.
Finds it a super device ideal for my son who plays a lot of football and has diabetes that you have to watch closely on, he quickly broke his feet from the sweat brand after a week already very happy. *This review has been translated automatically.
Good delivery service and fine product. The manual is very good and simple. I also find it very nice that I have nice fresh shoes after exercise. *This review has been translated automatically.
The Shoefresh mini is very convenient to use, is easy to tidy up in the supplied storage bag and takes up little space. If we now have wet shoes we put that Shoefresh in and a few hours later your shoes are dry and they smell fresh again. Extends the life of your shoes and super convenient to use. *This review has been translated automatically.
Fast delivery and excellent product! *This review has been translated automatically.
I chose the travel variant because it was a lot cheaper. Sometimes I have to treat the shoes twice, but then I just switch them off and on again, then the treatment starts again. In any case, it works better than washing your shoes. I have been using it for a while now and my daughter, who has the same problems, asked for her birthday. So that's why I ordered another one. *This review has been translated automatically.
Super product just a pity that they were broken so quickly gives me a doubt whether they will last. REPLY SHOEFRESH.EU> Annoying to hear that your Mini Shoefresh stopped working quickly. Apologies for this. Fortunately this does not happen often but you have had bad luck. The Mini Shoefresh has been replaced immediately and is already in use again. *This review has been translated automatically.
Finally a shoe dryer that also delivers "great performances" when traveling. Warmly recommended. And this also applies to the excellent delivery. *This review has been translated automatically.
Ik had mijn shoefresh apparaat vergeten mee te nemen en heb op vakantie de mini-versie besteld en ontvangen. Hartstikke handig om mee te nemen op vakantie. Staat op de checklist om niet te vergeten.
Still exciting to order such an article ... But anything but disappointed! Works well and easy to use
Product doet zijn werk goed. Minder stinkende schoenen! Had misschien wel de grotere versie moeten bestellen vanwege het droogprogramma.
Eindelijk een oplossing gevonden voor de 'stinkschoenen' van de voetballende zoon. Hadden al van alles geprobeerd om die schoenen te verluchten en die geur uit huis te houden, zelfs schoenen buiten zetten. Door het handige formaat kan de zoon de miniShoefresh ook meenemen op kamp, dus geen genante situaties meer bij het uitdoen vd schoenen.
Ik neem de schoefresh mee op vakantie. Als het regent de volgende dag weer droge schoenen.
Handig om mee te nemen.
Ik ben heel tevreden over de mini Shoefresh. Doordat de Shoefresh de schoenen droogt en ontschimmeld is dit een prima product om mycosenagels aan te pakken.
's avonds de schoenen in de Mini Shoefresh en de volgende ochtend weer geur - schimmel en vochtvrij!
Super handig om mee te nemen. Mijn zoon zit bij de Marine. Zo heeft hij iedere dag schone, frisse en droge schoenen.
Ben er heel blij mee. Zelfs met een weekend weg meegenomen om de natte schoenen mee te drogen voor de volgende dag! Werkt snel. Helaas slaat het apparaatje niet vanzelf af.
Perfect apparaat. 1 Jaar garantie is echter tegen de Europese richtlijnen “heeft recht op minimaal 2 jaar garantie in alle landen die onder de Europese richtlijn Koop en garantie vallen.”
Armin de Hooge
Zeer snelle en betrouwbare levering. Ook telefonisch goed bereikbaar
Natte schoenen drogen? Geen probleem!
Die geur uit je schoenen krijgen ? Geen probleem!
Enkel als je met het gezin aan het sporten gaat zou ik toch voor de gewone versie gaan aangezien de mini er een nacht over doet om 1paar fris en droog te maken.
snelle levering. Goed product
Werkt goed, en al helemaal in combinatie met de schoen spray! Wat een topproduct. Eerst werkte het niet echt, omdat ik mijn oude zolen nog had. Toen heb ik nieuwe zolen gekregen (super service) en nu werkt het top!
Ben zeer in mijn nopjes met de Shoefresh mini.
Na een dag de schoenen gedragen te hebben doe ik, bij thuiskomst, de shoefresh in de schoenen, stekker in het stopcontact en trek de volgende dag de schoenen weer aan.
De schoenen hebben dan de hele nacht kunnen drogen en zijn 's morgens lekker warm en droog zonder luchtjes.
En dit is ook nog heel goed voor de levensduur van de schoenen.
Plus lekker warm in de winter.
Ik heb de mini shoefresh gehaald om het product uit te proberen voor mijn bokshandschoenen. Ik gebruik het nu een jaar en ben enorm tevreden! Ik zal dan ook zeker de originele versie erbij kopen.
Na een boks training zijn vaak je handschoenen zeiknat. Als ze niet goed opdrogen dan gaan ze enorm stinken en bovendien is het onprettig om nog vochtige handschoenen te hebben bij de volgende training. De shoefresh maakt ze niet alleen droog maar zorgt ervoor dat ze niet stinken doordat het eerst behandeld wordt met actieve zuurstof. Je handschoenen gaan daardoor veel langer mee wat scheelt in je portemonnee. Als je een actieve sporter bent raad ik sowieso dit product aan, het is het geld dubbel en dwars waard!
-mooi fresh product -snelle levering - vriendelijke klantenservice
Doet zijn ding. Leuk
Zeer betaalbaar kwaliteitsproduct. Zeer snel verstuurd. Geen verzendkosten. Verbeterpuntje: dat de Mini Shoefresh na verloop van tijd niet zelf uitgaat maar blijft verwarmen.
De mini shoefresh doet wat ie moet doen , werkt prima al na een nacht waren mn Sneakers weer fris. echt een super product voor niet al te veel geld !
Snelle bezorging en makkelijk bestellen. De shoefresher werkt makkelijk. Alleen stekkertje in het contact en de freshner in de schoen schuiven. Nachtje erin laten en de schoenen stinken niet meer. Top product
De mini versie van 50 euro werkt goed. Erg blij mee!
Prima apparaat, had ik veel eerder moeten hebben!
Blij verrast door dit artikel, niet te harden die geur van de voetbalschoenen van mijn zoon!
Nu kunnen ze gewoon weer in huis staan zonder dat ik denk dat de kat er in heeft gepiest!
Echt top!
Doet wat het moet doen en super handig in gebruik!
Prima apparaat droogt en verfrist de schoenen. Ook ideaal voor onze wandelweekendjes.
Prima ding en erg prettig met een sportende tiener in huis. Hij doet hem in zijn sneakers als hij gaat slapen.
SUPER apparaat, ik zou hem absoluut niet meer kunnen missen.
Geen stinkende berging meer waar de schoenen staan, maar fris en fruitig.
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