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Shoefresh leather grease

Enjoy your shoes and boots for a lot longer
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Product description

Enjoy your shoes and boots for a lot longer with high-grade, scented Shoefresh leather grease. By regularly greasing leather, you take care of your leather and prolong the life of your shoes and boots. The grease keeps the leather supple and makes it water-repellent. It's absorbed well by the leather and preserves it. 

Advantages of Shoefresh leather grease

✔ Restores and softens: keeps leather soft and supple
✔ Water-repellant: protects against water and dirt
✔ Extends the lifespan: prevents tears
✔ Smells wonderful: subtle, pleasant fragrance
✔ Premium quality grease


Shoefresh leather grease can be used on all colours of leather. Whether it is black, brown or any other colour. Leather grease is only suitable for smooth leather (not for nubuck or suede).

How to use

Make sure that your shoes are clean and dry before applying the leather grease. Then use a cloth or sponge and rub the leather grease thoroughly all over your shoes or boots. Then let the leather grease soak in for a little while. For a nice and shiny look, rub out the soaked-in leather grease and give the shoes or boots a good polish.


This product is deemed consumable goods and is therefore excluded from warranty.

Frequently asked questions

How often should I treat leather?
On average, treating leather once a month is enough. But this depends very much on the use. If you wear your shoes or boots every day and the leather is often exposed to water, snow and/or dirt, then it is a good idea to grease them more often. 

Contents200 ml (large jar)
DisclaimerAvoid contact with the eyes. Keep out of reach of children.