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Shoefresh Cedarwood Shoe Trees

Keep your leather shoes in top shape
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Product description

Taking off your shoes after a long day remains a nice feeling. But to keep your leather shoes in perfect condition - even after frequent use - it is important that you treat them well. In this case, the Shoefresh cedar shoe trees are the shoe trees you need. Put a shoe tree in each shoe and let the product do the rest. Keeping your favorite shoes for longer starts with this set of two shoe trees.

Benefits of the Shoefresh Cedarwood Shoe Trees

Longer enjoyment of your leather shoes
✔ Your leather shoes will keep their shape and wo n't wrinkle
Remove unpleasant odors and absorb moisture
✔Made of high quality, 100% natural cedar wood
✔ Value pack: 2 pairs

Your leather shoes keep their shape and don't wrinkle

With the Shoefresh shoe trees, your shoes will remain in optimum form. They ensure that the shape remains perfect. Put the shoe trees in your shoes, let them do their job all night and the next morning your shoes will be ready to be worn all day!

Lovers of leather shoes know the problem: folds in the leather. The material has the property that it becomes warm and flexible after a day of walking. If you then take them off - and if you wouldn't use a shoe tree - you will get ugly creases over time. With these shoe trees - supplied as a set of 2 pieces - you will never have this problem again. The curved spring keeps pressure on the leather, which keeps the shape and prevents wrinkles.

Remove unpleasant odors and absorb moisture

Another advantage of the Shoefresh cedar shoe trees is that they absorb moisture and odors. Ideal if you've had your shoes on all day or if you wear them on a rainy day. Excess moisture is drawn out of the leather, leaving the leather in perfect condition. In addition, unpleasant odors disappear.

Made from high quality, 100% natural cedar wood

The Shoefresh cedar shoe trees are made of high-quality and untreated cedar wood. Naturally, they contain no artificial fragrances or other chemicals. The great thing about cedar wood is that this type of wood has antibacterial properties and these bacteria just cause bad odors. Putting these shoe trees in a pair of leather shoes will keep them dry and fresh at all times.


Place them in your shoes and let the shoe trees do the rest.

Enjoy your leather shoes for longer

Enjoy your leather shoes longer? Who doesn't want that? With these wooden shoe trees you can be sure that they will stay in perfect shape. All you have to do is put them in your shoes and the sturdy spring shoe trees will do the rest. No more creases, bad odors, damp leather or other inconveniences.


You have a 100% guarantee. Does something break within the first year? We will then provide a solution (a new shoe tree or a repair) within two weeks. If you have any questions, you can contact Shoefresh customer service .

Frequently asked questions

Are these shoe trees only suitable for leather shoes?
No, you can also use the shoe trees for other types of shoe users such as sneakers and sports shoes. With leather shoes you are more likely to suffer from creases. That is why shoe trees are mainly used for leather shoes.

Material:100% natural cedar wood
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Very satisfied with this shoe tree. It is very sturdy and you can easily make your shoes a size bigger. You can also make them more pleasant to wear in width with tight sneakers or shoes.
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