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Shoe dryer: why is it necessary?

It is very normal that we do everything we wear neatly in the washing machine: pants, sweaters, socks, underpants, t-shirts, shirts etc. It is even very unhygienic and dirty not to do this. Imagine you wear the same shirt for a year without even washing it once! What kind of smell comes from it can be guessed. Yet this is not a problem for many people. Day after day the same shoes are worn without washing them. If the outside is very dirty, they may be cleaned with a cloth. But usually nothing happens with the inside. While it is filled with sweat, skin flakes, fungi and bacteria. Especially with sports shoes or closed work shoes you have a lot of problems with this.

Fortunately, there is now an easy solution to clean and dry your shoes from the inside: the Shoefresh shoe dryer.

How does a shoe dryer provide fresh shoes?

It is well known that wet shoes often start to smell. Anyone who has sweaty feet, a lot of sport or walking on work shoes all day can confirm this. But even if you do not have (extreme) sweaty feet and you have an office job, for example. Your feet always sweat a little bit, on average about 250 ml. per day. This sweat is all in your shoes. The heat of your feet in combination with the sweat provides an ideal environment for fungi and bacteria. These convert certain substances from the sweat into a nasty smell. If you want to get rid of this smell, it is therefore very important to tackle the fungi and bacteria. But in addition, you also have to make sure that the sweat goes completely out of the shoes. If you do not do this, the bacteria and fungi (and therefore the stench!) Will be back in no time.



The Shoe Dryer that starts automatically

The Shoefresh shoe dryer is as easy to use as it looks: a matter of putting the shoes on the holders and thanks to infrared sensors the program starts (and stops) automatically. This makes the threshold low to clean your shoes every day and dryer. The Shoefresh shoe dryer can also be set manually, for a shorter or longer program, or to use both functions - cleaning and drying - separately. Even the drying temperature is adjustable, so that shoes or slippers can also be (pre) heated.

More than a shoe dryer

The Shoefresh shoe dryer tackles all kinds of shoes: from sweaty sneakers, sports and ski boots to the popular Uggs boots. But the Shoefresh also dries and refreshes scooter and motorcycle helmets, shin guards and makes gloves dry and warm again. Even orthopedic shoes and elastic support stockings are safe on the Shoefresh. Socks that are not optimally disinfected in the laundry, do so on the Shoefresh. Thus the Shoefresh is an absolute relief; every day again!

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Shoefresh: the shoe freshener which cleans and dries your shoes
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