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Shoefresh odor absorber pads

Small shoe freshener, easy to travel with
Shoefresh odor absorber pads
Shoefresh odor absorber pads
Shoefresh odor absorber pads
Shoefresh odor absorber pads
Shoefresh odor absorber pads
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Product description

The Mini Shoefresh shoe freshener cleans and dries your shoes gradually. Because of its small size it is easy to travel with. Put the Mini Shoefresh in your shoes and within 120 minutes they'll be hygienic: fresh and dry.

Check out the difference between the Shoefresh and the Mini Shoefresh.

Pros and cons

plus icon Removes bad odors effectively, tackles fungi and bacteria.
plus icon Dries shoes gradually from the inside out.
plus icon Suitable for all shoes, boots, gloves and helmets.
plus icon Easy tot travel with.
plus icon Ideal for individual use.
min icon       Less suitable for families.


 Use the Mini Shoefresh each time you've worn your shoes.
 The odor of your shoes will gradually decrease. Give this process a minimum of one week.
 With old shoes, it is best to replace the insoles with our specially developed Shoefresh insoles with bamboo.
   If you suffer from foot fungus / athlete's foot: first use the Shoefresh shoe spray and then use the Mini Shoefresh shoe freshener. Our spray is also ideal for sport shoes with ankle socks. Because the ankle socks aren't refreshed fully on the Shoefresh.


Weight0,3 KG 
Size16,0 cm x 6,5 cm x 4,0 cm (l x w x h)
Warranty1 year
CE approvedYes
Voltage 230V/50Hz/1PH
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Shoefresh odor absorber pads
Shoefresh odor absorber pads
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